So we decided to do a blog. Welcome to it! For years I’ve been contemplating a way to have a voice in the current state of healthcare. I wasn’t sure what the correct medium would be. I’ve toyed with PowerPoint options, a lecture series, and even a book. Ultimately, I feel like a blog will accomplish my objectives best. This blog will be a way to convey information, outside the four walls of the office. One of my pet peeves is that chiropractors go to their graves with a lot of incredible information locked away in their brains. Writing a weekly blog will hopefully be a way to remedy this situation, at least in my case.

A little bit about me. I’ve been a chiropractor for over 20 years. I graduated chiropractic school in 1996 and started my first office in Newtown Pa. at the beginning of 1997. That office was interesting, because it was mostly nutrition based. It wasn’t until October of 1999 that I opened a “traditional” chiropractic office, which is what I do now. By traditional, I mean “nuts and bolts” chiropractic adjusting, taking x-rays, doing exams, and developing specific chiropractic care plans for my patients. I like the care plan model of chiropractic, because it gives us (me and the patient) a game plan, or a road map to follow, so that we have the best chance of getting the patient feeling better and living a healthier lifestyle. But chiropractic isn’t the only subject that this blog will touch upon, because…

…I started my career in 1986 as a fresh-faced 19 year old working in my friend and mentors nutrition office. Back then there was Dr. Scudder (my mentor), an MD, and me, a young college student who was trying to learn anything I could about alternative medicine. It was a strange journey that led me to working in Dr. Scudder’s office. Right out of High School I was a business major who intended to go to Law School after my undergraduate studies were completed. My sister Denise had gotten sick my senior year in High School. By the following year she had deteriorated to the point that they told my parents to get her a wheelchair, should wouldn’t be walking much longer. To make a long story short, she ended up in Dr. Scudder’s office. Inside of a year she had completely recovered, and I was blown away. I started working at Dr. Scudder’s office in the Spring of 1986, changed my business major to Chemistry, and wanted to get into the alternative health field.

I worked at Dr. Scudder’s office from 1986 until 1993, when I went to California to attend Chiropractic school. Dr. Scudder’s office was amazing. We worked Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 9 AM to 9 PM, but we always ran so many hours behind, that we never actually finished until about 4 o’clock in the morning. My job was to wake people up when it was their appointment time. Patients used to bring pillows into the waiting room, blankets too. After about midnight, it was a quiet as a morgue out there. I’d tiptoe out, and lightly tap someone, and let them know it was time for their appointment. We’d have patients flying in from all over the country. We had a woman that would call me at about 8:30 AM from California. Her appointment was 9 PM, that very same evening. She’d fly in from California, grab dinner, and still have time to take a nap in our waiting room before she ever got in for her appointment with Dr. Scudder.

At the nutritional office, we utilized many alternative therapies. We did nutritional supplements, Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, and homeopathy. We change people’s diets, make recommendations using blood chemistry, and help a whole heck of a lot of people. It was great!

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