What in the heck is the Ketogenic Diet? (Part 6 of 6)

So, the ultimate byproduct of fasting is stem cell production, but what is the best way to proceed? In chiropractic, we abide by something called the 90-day healing rule. The 90-day healing rule states that most conditions resolve, at least acutely, in about 90 days. The interesting thing about this rule is that you see it in other places as well. With exercise, it takes about 90 days for your body to change. That’s why most of those programs last about 90 days. Tony Horton even named his exercise routine P 90-X for that very reason. Pharmaceuticals are the same. If you take a statin drug for high cholesterol, the doctor will want to check your liver enzymes every 90 days, to make sure the drug isn’t damaging your liver, just another application of the body changing in about 90 days.

The way to apply the 90-day rule while fasting is in three monthly increments. For the first month, you should eat the normal ketogenic diet, eating your hands, with no snacking in between, for 25 straight days. On day 26 you want to start fasting. You should fast for 5 straight days. On the first day of the second month, you would eat the ketogenic diet again for 25 days, then fast for 5 more days at the end of the second month. Then for the third month, you’d start the cycle over again, eating the ketogenic diet for 25 days, and then fasting again for the last 5 days of the third month. Structuring things this way allows autophagy and stem cell production to occur at the end of each month, for three consecutive months. One recommendation is to do this type of fasting once a year. This is one of the ways that doctors and researchers are using the ketogenic diet to help combat some forms of disease.

Remember, using food in this way, and any sort of fasting, should be treated with tremendous respect. It would be foolhardy to do this on your own, without the supervision of a doctor. The next level after doing fasts of this magnitude, would be to “help” direct stem cells, like giving them a road map. Is it possible to “coax” the body in the direction that is most needed? What if you could marshal and direct stem cells? Next up, we’re going t talk about something called a Protomorphogen.

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