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Dr. Mike Frezza

In 1986 at the age of 19, Dr. Frezza started working in the office of his friend and mentor Dr. Glenn Scudder. At Dr. Scudder’s office, he was first exposed to a myriad of holistic therapies including whole food nutrition, traditional Chinese herbal therapy, and homeopathy. It is here that he also learned a unique way to look at the human body, and how it responds to disease. While working at Dr. Scudder’s office, Dr. Frezza earned his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Temple University.

After having worked at Dr. Scudder’s office for 7 years, Dr. Frezza left for California to study and become a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic (DC). He graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in May of 1996. He opened his first practice in Newtown Pennsylvania in 1997, called the Newtown Holistic Center. At the Newtown Holistic Center, he practiced chiropractic and gave nutritional advice. In the Fall of 1999, he moved his practice to Langhorne, Pa. This is where he began to narrow his focus and predominantly practice chiropractic. Dr. Frezza stayed in the Langhorne practice for 7 years, before ultimately moving 1 mile down the road to Levittown in the Summer of 2006. The office is now called The Chiropractic and Injury Center.

Doctor Awards and Certificates
COP2COP Appreciation Award

Logan CC Education and Training in Chiropractic Neurological Technique Certificate

AMC Eagle Award

AMC Hawk Award

AMC A+ Achievement Award

Texas Chiropractic College CE in Manipulation under Anesthesia

2012 District 9 State Level Director Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association


Susan Frezza also stunt doubles as the most beautiful person Dr. Frezza knows. :-)

At The Chiropractic and Injury Center Dr. Frezza has integrated traditional chiropractic care with various holistic therapies taught to him by Dr. Scudder. Still predominantly a chiropractic office, Dr. Frezza specializes in conditions related to both the spine and the extremities. He is unique in his concentration on stretching, to go along with his adjustment protocol, and utilizes over 30 years of office experience, to serve his patients and his community. 

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Susan Frezza

Susan Frezza

Susan has been the office manager at The Chiropractic and Injury Center since 2000. Her background was originally in the dental field, where she ran the front desk, and worked as a dental assistant. She is dynamic and vital part of the chiropractic office, scheduling appointments, processing insurance and being the overall “quarterback,” that makes the office go. She has been acknowledged numerous times for her vast knowledge on insurance, billing and coding, as well as her overall pleasant personality in taking care of the day in and out challenges that a busy chiropractic office presents.

For more information about Susan and The Docktor Mom Program: CLICK HERE

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